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The Team



Michelle is an internationally recognized personal trainer, fitness instructor, and nutritionist, with over 25 years of experience in the health and fitness industry. She is a national fitness competitor and best-selling author of four healthy eating cookbooks, The BodyBuilding Meal Prep Cookbook, Meal Prep Lunches, Help Yourself to Seconds, and Smart Snacking for Sports. She perviously worked for the government in business planning, and as the National Wellness Coordinator for Public Safety, where she built a nationally recognized wellness program. Michelle holds additional certifications in culinary nutrition, transformational coaching, strength and conditioning, exercise therapy, yoga, and pilates.


Fitness Manager, Personal Trainer, Fitness Instructor

Robin discovered Group Fitness classes as a teen. She quickly knew fitness was her game. This passion led Robin to an amazing career in the fitness industry. She has taught all styles of group classes, trained a wide variety of clients and managed some pretty cool gyms, studios, fitness clubs & corporate centres. As a former Powerlifter, she has a great passion of educating and bringing awareness to the magic of proper strength training to all ages! She is a CANFITPRO certified Personal Trainer & Group Fitness Instructor with special education & training in Pre-Post Natal, Older Adults, Nutrition, Leadership & Coaching.  


Personal Trainer, Nutrition Coach

Jesse’s passion for fitness started early in his life. He always enjoyed long-distance running and biking but excessively long cardio sessions, poor lifestyle and nutrition habits started to show weaknesses in his body and started Jesse on a journey to discover what the human body actually needs to heal and function at its best. After realizing how lifestyle changes, proper movement, nutrition and training principles could impact his life, Jesse knew he wanted to use this knowledge to help other people achieve their optimal health and performance. Jesse is a certified master trainer and holds many additional certifications in pre/postnatal training, nutrition, athletic conditioning and working with aging populations. 


Personal Trainer, Fitness Staff

Steve worked in the high tech sector for 38 years and continues to be an avid golfer and curler. Throughout that time, he stayed fit as a loyal member of AFC before deciding to join the team in 2015 as front desk staff. In 2018, he took his passion for fitness to the next level by becoming a certified personal trainer in order to fulfil his dream of helping people of all ages embark on their own fitness journeys. He believes in encouraging people to start where they are and showing them that they can do more than they think they can.


Personal Trainer, Fitness Staff

Growing up playing football, Josh discovered a passion for fitness early in life. After seeing the benefit that physical activity and sport had on his life, he decided he wanted to share that benefit with others. Josh is an ISSA-certified personal trainer, and attended Niagara College, where he earned a diploma in Health and Fitness promotion. While living in the Niagara region, he worked at an athletic facility that specialized in training athletes. He has been training clients for almost 10 years, helping them discover how little changes can go a long way. Whether he’s helping athletes get ready for the season, or introducing new clients to the benefit of regular physical activity, Josh is passionate about helping people be the healthiest versions of themselves.


Pilates Instructor

Anne took her first Pilates class in 2013 and she was instantly hooked on the slow, controlled, core-focused movements. Through a regular Pilates practice she was able to unlock benefits for herself both physically and mentally, and decided she wanted to share what she found in Pilates with others. Anne completed her Pilates Mat Certification with Body Harmonics in Toronto in 2019, and has been teaching regularly since then. Don’t be fooled by her small stature, her classes are challenging but Anne will cater the class to suit your level. As long as you’re having fun, that’s all that matters! If she wasn’t teaching or working the front desk, Anne would be playing with her cats and making music playlists full time.


Certified Nutrition Practitioner

 Diana’s passion for joyful, empowered nutrition began as a simple question, “What do I need to eat to support my workouts?” A few years later, Diana graduated with honours as a Certified Nutritional Practitioner (CNP) from the Institute of Holistic Nutrition.  Now, Diana teaches her clients that food can be a powerful tool in accomplishing health and fitness goals, without having to resort to restrictive diets or calorie counting. Diana uses a mix of coaching, education and encouragement to support her clients unique health needs.


Chief Security Officer, Member Retention Specialist

Monty has 14 dog years of training in relationship dynamics and furry interventions. She graduated with honours in the internationally recognized Canine Cuteness Training with a specialty in Member Retention. She has been managing AFC’s security system since Jan 2020 and is an expert in covert entries and exits. She exercises outdoors daily, and believes in a balanced diet, consisting 80% of nutritious dog food leaving 20% room for indulgences, such as treats provided by AFC members and the occasional timbit.