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  We want to make sure our members and staff feel safe, comfortable and informed about what we are doing to meet, and exceed the provincial safety guidelines related to Covid-19. We have created new health and safety protocols to ensure controlled access, decrease unit occupancy, accommodate proper physical distancing, encourage protective behaviours, maintain proper communication, and enhance our cleaning, disinfecting and sanitization. Here’s what we’re doing and what you need to know:


Controlled access

  • Staffed hours are from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm Monday – Friday and 8:00 am to 1:00 pm on Saturday. 24-hour access is available with select memberships. 
  • We are not currently requiring members to pre-book open gym time as we are well below maximum occupancy rates and are able to maintain our cleaning and disinfection protocols without shutting down each hour, however, if our occupancy rates increase, we may need to return to a booking system. 
  • All members are required to check in with their key fob prior to entering the facility so we can monitor occupancy rates and also to ensure that we are able to conduct contact tracing should the situation arise.
  • As of Sept 22, 2021, the provincial government has mandates that anyone entering our fitness centre is required to offer proof of being fully vaccinated against COVID-19. Active members only need to provide proof of full vaccination along with one piece of government-issued ID once, either in hard or soft copy, as individual membership files are linked to access FOBs and will be updated to note verification of said documents. 
  • Members are also required to actively confirm they have no covid-19 symptoms by reading the covid-19 screening questionnaire at the front entry.

Unit Occupancy

  • The number of members allowed in our facility at 50% capacity as required by current provincial regulations is 110, which we can easily accommodate while maintaining physical distancing. 

Physical Distancing

  • All cardio exercise equipment has been spaced 2 meters (6 feet) apart or blocked off to ensure proper physical distancing.
  • Floor markers and directional arrows guide the flow of foot traffic.
  • Indoor fitness classes have been limited and require pre-booking online to allow a maximum of 10 people per class. 
  • Personal training and nutrition services will be offered both in-person and virtually for members who are not yet ready to return to our physical facility.
  • Our locker and bathroom facilities are open but accommodate only 2 members at a time. Therefore, we ask members to arrive ready to workout and leave unnecessary items in the car of at home.
  • We have moved a set of lockers into the front entryway for storage of valuables.
  • Members are encouraged to complete their workout and exit without unnecessary delay.

Protective Behaviors and PPE

  • Masks are required to be worn at all times in the facility except during exercise. We carry an inventory of surgical masks members may purchase.
  • We ask that members take off their outdoor shoes and put on their gym shoes before entering the secondary doors of the facility. A new shoe rack has been built, and we are building a second one for overflow traffic inside the second doors.
  • Members are asked to sanitize their hands before entering and prior to leaving the facility. Hand washing and sanitizing stations are available throughout the facility.
  • All members should follow the directional floor markers and to maintain appropriate physical distance from members and staff.
  • Members are provided with a personal spray bottle upon entry and asked to wipe down equipment before and after each use. Before exiting the facility, bottles should be dropped in the receptacles provided for disinfection.
  • A new membership software system has been created that allows touch-less check-ins. All members will be provided with a key fob and access to our new app and online membership and booking system.

Proper Communication

  • Signs are posted at the front entrance to notify members and staff of AFC protocols and guidelines and to ensure they do not enter the facility without taking the self-screening questionnaire.
  • Signs are also posted throughout the facility reinforcing the protective behaviours detailed above.
  • All members will be placed on our members-only email list so that we can maintain proper communication with our membership base at all times.
  • Staff and members will be provided with educational materials, training, reminders and reinforcement on proper cleaning, disinfection, hand washing, coughing and sneezing etiquette, social distancing, use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), and other protective behaviours.
  • An infectious disease response plan has been created. The response plan contains detailed protocols in the case that a member or employee is exposed to or tests positive for Covid-19. We will maintain open communication with all members and staff as the situation develops.

Cleaning and Disinfecting

  • Enhanced cleaning and disinfection protocols have been implemented and additional disinfection and sanitization stations have been set up throughout the facility.
  • All cleaning and disinfecting protocols are conducted in accordance with the provincial guidelines, national standards, and the Canadian Centre for Health and Safety standards and recommendations. All of the disinfectants and sanitizers we are using are on the Government of Canada list of disinfectants with evidence of use against Covid-19.
  • Each member is provided with a spray bottle and is asked to disinfect fitness equipment before and after each use. Staff also complete proper disinfection and cleaning of the facility frequently throughout the day.
  • A rigorous cleaning of the entire facility will be conducted nightly after closing / before opening.


Please answer self-answer these screening questions before you leave your home. If the response to any is “yes” you should not come to the facility!


    These new policies and procedures are in place for everyone’s health and benefit. We ask that you please adhere to all of them to protect all of us!